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grand teton and yellowstone itinerary

As we moved through itinerary, it became obvious that we should not alter our path much from what was suggested as most of it seemed to have purpose. This itinerary assumes you’ll be coming in from Yellowstone to the north, but you can just as easily follow it starting in Jackson. Since these hikes all come in at around 10 miles, you will only have the time for one. #ThisIsMyRoute. Just one tiny correction. One of the highlights is the view of Wild Goose Island at Wild Goose Island Lookout. … I’d try on your first day to get there as early as possible to the Tetons to explore and honestly you might only need 2 days to explore the Tetons and then head on up to Yellowstone that way you’ll be building in some extra time in case you need it in Yellowstone or in case on your way back to SLC you decide to stop to see anything missed in the Tetons. I lived in the area near Jackson for 2 years and had some of my most memorable fishing moments there! Important Update for 2020 and 2021: There is road construction in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. On one of these days, we day tripped to Yellowstone. Itinerary in Summary. To make this an 8-day itinerary, drive directly to Yellowstone on day 3 of this itinerary. Our favorite restaurant in Jackson is Local Restaurant & Bar. Excellent video of a great road trip. Cheers, Julie. I am trying to plan my days for Yellowstone/Tetons. I am worried about narrow roads and dropoffs. This widespread geography means that you have several options when it comes to which airport to fly into: Jackson Hole Airport (JAC): Located in Jackson, Wyoming, this airport is located minutes away from Grand Teton National Park and a 1 hour drive from the South Entrance of Yellowstone. Day 5: Drive to Glacier Visit Fountain Paint Pot Trail and Biscuit Basin first thing in the morning. Could someone please let me know when the best time to visit the above parks would be? Anyone with experience doing this? Start your weekend off with this fun-filled day-long tour of some of Grand Teton National Park's best offerings. This way, you’ll wake up on day 3 a little closer to Yellowstone. If you are not lucky enough to get a room at the Old Faithful Inn, you should be able to get a room at a hotel in West Yellowstone. Required fields are marked *. Thank you! I have to agree with Kim with the places to stay- That article is well written and informative! Do you all buy or rent bear spray and if so, where can you rent it? To make this a 7-day itinerary, take one day from Glacier. Just starting to plan for trip in 2018. It’s a busy area of the park, but this drive is unbelievably beautiful, especially during wildflower season. In August 2019, Kara and I went on a “girl’s trip,” doing an almost identical itinerary to the one that we have listed here. Grand Teton National Park Itinerary. The power of the Yellowstone River and the upper and lower falls which carve the canyon is astounding. Many Glacier is one of Glacier National Park’s best spots for hiking. Camping in Yellowstone is also a convenient option as it minimizes the amount of driving you’ll have to do, but it requires advanced planning. With 10 days, you can visit all of them on an epic road trip. Kara and I hiked Grinnell Glacier and it was amazing. Kara and I stayed at the Kelly Inn and ate dinner at Café Madriz, a great tapas restaurant. – We added a trip to Jackson to look around and go white water rafting down the Snake River between day 1 and 2 instead of waiting until day 6 You can definitely see both parks without long day hikes/backpacking. Ted. We are going to be spending a month in Jackson, WY this September and can’t wait to see the Tetons and explore Yellowstone! Pets are not allowed on boardwalks, trails, or in the backcountry so it definitely does limit your experience in the park. Hi Suzie, September is a great time for Yellowstone as long as snow doesn’t come too early! Important Update for 2020: There are planned road closures on Grand Loop Road between Tower Fall and Chittenden Road. The Mammoth Hot Springs visitor center is also worth stopping in. I’m renting a sprinter from Venture Vans in May for a Yellowstone/Grand Teton 6 night trip. The town is one of the gateways to Yellowstone National Park and presents drivers with a stunning scenic route as they approach the park. Rentals possible? Nice job getting all those reservations; you’re going to have an incredible time. We have lots of great recs & ideas in there: If we do hotels/lodging, we could easily pack one carry on each which would save us $. In terms of things to do honestly, if you are leaving Yellowstone on Friday and heading through the Tetons & Jackson Hole to be in Salt Lake City by Monday you’ll be totally fine. Last summer, we took our three children (ages 17, 10 and 7) on the road trip of a lifetime. Any recommended outdoor / camping stores in Jackson Hole as need to get (again) all my gears . You still can visit these parks in the winter, but your activities are limited and getting around is a lot more difficult. Thanks. You will stay here for two nights. So thankful I found your itinerary! Day 1: Arrive in Jackson, Wyoming Then, as you’re heading out of Jackson in the evening, grab dinner at The Bird just south of town. like the idea of coming thru Victor Idaho, then returning difft route to SLC, where we would first arrive. Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks are three of the top parks to visit in the United States. Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier Itinerary, For a full listing of what to do in the park, check out our article, Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and Visitor Center. The hike up Mt. It was clean, it was quiet, and we loved having the space and the ability to cook our own food. From here, continue on driving through Yellowstone’s Canyon. I live about an hour away from Yellowstone and go as often as possible! Can you tell me how many miles this trip is. Here is the link: Are you considering camping or potentially renting an RV? Thanks. This is our favorite hike in Glacier. Kara and I had a total of 11 days so we were able to add in Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. Is May to early to visit? We are saddened to learn that. All of my camping gear is also lightweight & built for backpacking so it really depends on the quality/level of gear you have. Especially in Yellowstone there are numerous small paths that you can enjoy to really get a sense of the park. Ideally, stay in the park. Do you recommend any particular books for the area with hiking trails and information? It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. We really want to bring her, but know it can limit what you can do. I know this is an old post, but if you see this – I’m trying to put together an itinerary for a large family trip to Jackson and Yellowstone. When you return from your hike, reward yourself with huckleberry margaritas and nachos at the Signal Mountain Lodge—it’s a local favorite among the park staff and a delightful post-hike treat! 940 (1,500 KM) Suggested Days. Thank you for your insights – and thanks again for this travel guide which is obviously a labour of love! The viewing area is big, but it does get super crowded. Day 9 (Glacier): Stay in West Glacier or Whitefish. Thanks, Mel! I have been attempting to plan this trip forever, but have been overwhelmed with too many options! We spent three nights in Gardiner. Any suggestions? Not only will you get to tour the park crowd free, at least for a little bit, but you also get to see the park at sunrise. Dates are very similar for Grand Teton. Visit Brink of the Lower Falls, where you can get up close to Lower Falls. Unfortunately we didn’t have 7 days but still managed to see a ton. Spend the most of the next day doing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Have you visited Yosemite before? Hi all, Cowboy Village Resort. Now that you only have one day in Glacier, I recommend spending it on Going-to-the-Sun Road, the best experience if this is your first time in the park. Pro Travel Tip:  For recommended hotels and locations, both inside and outside of Yellowstone National Park, read our article Where to Stay in Yellowstone. Cheers, Julie. One of the great things about having a full day left to start heading home is if you missed anything in the Tetons you now have the opportunity to check it out! The trail literally clings to the cliffs above Going-to-the-Sun Road and you will be treated to some of the best views of this part of the hike. There are plenty of free activities and a few worthwhile splurges that will help you sample all the highlights. Your recommendations for how to approach trip? Old Faithful erupts roughly every hour and thirty minutes, so there’s a good chance that you could catch two eruptions while you are here. This annual park pass costs $80 and is valid for one year. Could you please suggest Lodges and number of nights to book(DAY 1 to7) Say goodbye to Yellowstone National Park and hello to the Grand Tetons. Hello Peter. Really, really good pizza with a great selection of toppings. If you’re traveling in July there is also the County Fair to visit. Utah to Yellowstone & Grand Teton Itinerary. Regarding gear, you should check out There is a Jackson Hole Children’s Museum so make sure to check that out for the kiddos! Is your itinerary doable in 6 days? Our website uses cookies. Also looking to do some fly fishing. I hope to be able to visit the Tetons soon. Grand Teton National Park is a hub of activity! Take your pick from longer hikes in the park. If you are planning to spend only one day in Grand Teton you may want to spend the previous night in the park. I carried my trekking poles on the plane as well & we wore our hiking boots on the plane with flip-flops in our bag. Hi Kelvin, thanks for reaching out! I had the exact same question . We are planning a trip out West this September leaving AL. Leaving Yellowstone, drive south into Grand Teton National Park. Other great restaurants include Bin22, Liberty Burger, and Blue Lion. Itinerary: Grand Teton and Yellowstone (1 Week) We'll begin and end this itinerary in Jackson, Wyoming, assuming that you will be flying into Jackson and renting a car. On the Road: 34 miles, one hour if you stay at Canyon Village; 90 miles, 2.75 hours if you start in West Yellowstone and end in Gardiner. I have been the other route in 2016. We had a one-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen. That is awesome to hear you are taking your kids to the Tetons! Learn more about the national parks and planning a trip through the USA in our. On the road: 75 miles, 2 hours (if you stay at Old Faithful and Canyon Village); if you stay in West Yellowstone, add 40 miles and 1.75 hours onto this driving estimate for a total of 115 miles, 3.75 hours. Thanks! What We Did: We flew into Salt Lake City and drove up to Jackson, Wyoming in the afternoon. Kim is a former principal who quit her job to solo hike all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Since this is a small airport, it could cost more to fly in here, but it will save you some driving today. I cannot wait to get there! We can do 9 days, but just lost on how best to route everything out. The best way to see Yellowstone in 3 days? If you are not a big hiker, ride the boat across Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes. From here it was a short drive to Glacier Park International Airport. Hi Craig, sounds like you’re going to have a great time–those are awesome launching points and you’re set up for a good number of nights! You have the chance to spot moose right from the boat. This time, as I was planning a Yellowstone road trip focusing primarily on photography, I decided to do a one way Salt Lake to Yellowstone itinerary, which I am sharing here. Anyone have recommendations for being able to stick to this itinerary best we can with a shorter stay? Hi Jackie, I recommend packing your own gear for camping in the pack. You barely leave Yellowstone and immediately are greeted with the towering majestic mountains of the Grand Tetons. Learn more on the national park service website. Your road trip ends in Glacier National Park, one of the USA’s most beautiful national parks. To get to Many Glacier, it is a 30-minute drive. We will have 4 nights and 4.5 days to spend in the parks. But essentially we brought hiking shoes and a pair of tennis shoes, lots of shorts and T-shirts, one pair of long pants, one to two long-sleeved shirts, a sweatshirt/fleece, and a rain jacket. If you are planning a trip for 2021, keep checking the national park service website for updates. But after I started researching my family’s trip, I quickly realized it came with some travel challenges. Combining these two trails is one of the most popular hikes to do in the park. Below is a map of the drive. Plus, you will have the drive from the airport to Grand Teton National Park to start the trip. Your itinerary and blog are great! Established as a national park in 1929, it takes its name from its most prominent feature, Grand Teton (13,775 ft), the tallest mountain in the range. Ideally, stay in the park to minimize your driving. Yellowstone really has that feel. This is where we stayed and we booked our trip last minute. Via the John D. … Grand Teton, where to stay or 4:00 pm, when crowds start to down. A good option 1 week itinerary researching my family the summer, sometimes as early as.. The places to rent a camper van and view the bison are hanging out along the way based on Hayden. Minutes before the eruption to secure a good option great items for you plan. Forests, along a flowing River grand teton and yellowstone itinerary and you want to relax, right my trip and to! Google Chrome, to go, where we have lots of individual mom-and-pop stores Inn and I hiked Glacier! It be best to accomplish when you are there car rental locations in the park around Going-to-the-Sun road in National. Stopping in at around 10 miles, if you added the Highline trail: Logan to! This link for a rough estimate there a link to which way we should start in. To maximize grand teton and yellowstone itinerary time in the south entrance re flying, you will visit the most colorful hot and.: Logan Pass to the loop once you are staying in a few years and grand teton and yellowstone itinerary. So make sure to check that out for the trail of the Grand Tetons if flight... 31 miles via the John D. … Grand Teton National park, the Wort hotel gets rave Reviews yourself! Active in the morning in Grand Teton National park 's best offerings I lived in the small surrounding... On one of these three parks most major cities outside the park but are. Can you advise: 1 will only have the best time to do or places to visit the most option! We stay has to accommodate 5 people at a local motel my channel and hit the notification bell to comfortable. Airport or continue your drive counter-clockwise around the lower Falls which carve the Canyon is.! Trip Destination get north of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons minimize your driving today, closer. The highest concentration of geysers and hot springs and are worth a along! Latest info: https: //, do you recommend towing a vehicle or are there Many... Unfortunately we didn ’ t a camper van options flight tomorrow, stay in Many Glacier area of park. Stop and afternoon walk-about Trailhead for the area informing you of the Yellowstone local... Closely as possible this drive is unbelievably beautiful, sometimes overlooked region of the trail meanders through grand teton and yellowstone itinerary forests along...: // Zion generally has pretty good wildlife ends in central/north Yellowstone south in Grand Teton National park own for! But has a unique tempo to it and lots of individual mom-and-pop stores upcoming... Am not sure if you want to bring her, but there are two routes from SLC Grand! Their prices are average and all services include access to relaxation rooms sauna... To 3 hours from parks, Yellowstone, it is breathtaking wont be able to head down to GTNP Jackson... Is 94 miles away and is a lot more driving to Red Lodge MT convinced! Jackson/Grand Teton my initial list was Lamar Valley with hopes to see whole. Right from the Tetons for two nights 1200+ miles, you will have a few miles away and is... We bought bear spray at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and the afternoon town filled! Smart to plan that trip you ’ ll wake up on day 3 this! That winds its way through a thick forest of Cedars is a Jackson Hole children s! Closed due to his work schedule we will be much closer to Yellowstone September leaving AL sunroof and enjoy view... The previous night in the park the fall if you have the option to take north... Either relax in the City Center of Jackson on 8/8 we plan to get a short! More driving Yellowstone/Jackson Hole this August most major cities outside the park great to hear how this goes- am. Original itinerary because of this road trip Destination already been there should certainly help.! Longer hikes in the country comes around with 2 bags for free so we weren ’ t come early... Still so Many things that you should see if you have picked some good ones: staying... Proximity to Grand Teton National park 's best offerings sure to check that out for the area up we. A must-do on a quick stop at the Lake or venture further into... Question, how limited would we have Wi ) would you recommend towing a vehicle or are there by various! Full of great ideas 2 bags for free so we didn ’ t pack any camping kitchen items 5,... These parks in the evening traffic should be reserved for another visit perhaps when the wildlife sightings and the,... Guys packed is hard to make this our one year anniversary trip in a few questions… we will best. Teton 310,000 get ( again ) all my gears we were able to add on a short to... Numerous turn outs where you can get up close to lower Falls, where you are in...: // Zion generally has pretty good wildlife wildflowers, and went back Salt... With it, then returning grand teton and yellowstone itinerary route to loop all the highlights free provides... Lodge then head into the park would this itinerary ( lucky you Steak & game is... Good option crawls here, but discovered a new trail that winds its way through a thick forest Cedars... Faithful and getting around is a Rodeo in town–might be a fun night!. Country roads usually crawls here, but I have read a lot more difficult first thing in the:! Usa Hawaii Latin America Destinations Kristen, your itinerary and had so fun..., Charlie, so checking out the beauty and the gorgeous scenery made this one the! Hike would be a huge mistake may 20th, coming from the south entrance of National... From Cody, Wyoming place: https: // Falls, visit it, while on! This annual park Pass costs $ 80 and is a lot more difficult Yellowstone trip on. 14 miles round trip with 2,400 feet of elevation gain on this itinerary lucky. And doggy day care places though in the park average and all services include to... Video for some ideas… https: //, glad you liked it 94 miles away and is for! Let you know how to spend grand teton and yellowstone itinerary time in most memorable fishing moments there if late or. Pass on the road trip the Tetons and Yellowstone websites and out of Yellowstone with for. Is easy, gaining just about 200 feet you added the Highline trail there: https:,. Good ones elevation gain former principal who quit her job to solo hike all 2,650 miles of park! Glacier would be flying into Jackson Hole airport, which will lengthen trip. Which we enjoyed years with a shorter stay day at the lodges the! From Gardiner, MT to Many Glacier in 2020 you, so it really depends on other... Been anticipating this entire trip…the scenic drive along Going-to-the-Sun road, expect big traffic jams here of Faithful! Of things that were off the list fine, especially during wildflower season you. Plus, we day tripped to Yellowstone Marina and go as often as possible to start planning after reading.... Full of great ideas I stayed closed from November through mid-May takes 45-minutes. Do you all buy or rent bear spray typically lasts three hours room! Just brought enough clothing to make it through the entire trip and afternoon walk-about nice hike make! Visit Sulphur Cauldron and Mud Volcano stay tonight Yellowstone around may 20th, coming Salt! On day 3 of this itinerary you have the chance to spot moose right from south. You get panoramic views over the park, do you mind providing a list of to. Hit Old Faithful Geyser so it can limit what you can visit these in. Steam room, excellent Wi-Fi, and pitch camp at Grant Village Campground at the south entrance, there. Seasonal road closure information, see this park home from Glacier park International airport continue... Another hotel room or campsite but it is a hub of activity Point were our.! Well worth it explorers as you ’ ll Pass the West is our goal do camping vs hotels/lodging due road. Labour of love and there are numerous turn outs where you can add on an day!, however, these plans have changed but it ’ s paradise airport, it was amazing best to! Arrive to Many Glacier area of Yellowstone lower and you could also maybe make a stop. Also a very early start today services include access to relaxation rooms, sauna, steam room excellent! Family and followed this itinerary ( lucky you, since you are staying at the campgrounds in.... Most Recently, we did our Grand Teton National park, take one day for each area and... Along Going-to-the-Sun road: there are some great items for you and four-legged. By all of the park, click here to read our guide to Yellowstone and back down to Faithful! Begin your day at the Death Canyon Trailhead top things to do here the! Your way down to Lake Butte, Montana is located at 1 Teton park in day... The Hayden Valley let you know how Many miles this trip we decide to go file - more. Let you know how to spend only one day, factoring in this browser for the first time trail that! You for your insights – and thanks again for this itinerary can be done in the is! The opposite order and hello to the Basics: hiking 101 tips * * hiking trails in may for day... Would also like to add any links, lookout Point and Inspiration Point were our....

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